The Dream

When I started joining those fun runs regularly in January of last year, I never thought that I would be able to run a full marathon (42.195 km) because I thought, well I was 34 years old and it would be too late to start training for it. I didn’t want to think that I was too old but I still hoped I would be the first one in my family (both mom and dad sides) to be able to do so.My running buddy...
After joining one 5K and/or one 10K race each month, two 15K races and three 21K half marathons for about a year, I decided earlier this year that I would like to try running my first ever full marathon race in the first one in the Philippines for 2009. So I decided to go online and look for an ambitious but quite achievable 16 week training program which included speed training, easy and tempo runs on a weekday and a long run every Sunday. Plus I decided to incorporate my legs and core strength training I had been doing when I trained for the half marathon. This I had to do regularly without fail on top of a busy schedule that started almost at the same time, working full time as a journalist for the Manila bureau of a Japanese newspaper and teaching Nihongo on the side. And oh yeah, studying Mandarin and Spanish on Saturdays. And tennis on some weekends, too.

Many of my friends were very supportive all the way but there were those of course who had their reservations whether it was a good decision to go for it. Which pushed me even harder. Two months into my training, I found out that Botak started sending out information on the marathon which I thought was a good sign, knowing that one marathon scheduled for March got canceled. I was even more excited to train. When weather was great, I would run at the Rizal Memorial track oval and when it would be too hot or raining, I would go back to the always dependable treadmill at Fitness First, where I also did my strength training.

The following month, with my other friends who either had started running regularly with me or those who just picked up the sport decided to register with me for the May 10 run. Three of them signed up for 5K, two more for 10K and one wanted to go for his fourth half marathon run. Since I was 3 months into my training, I casually paid the registration fee for 42K smiling at the thought that my name would be printed on my race singlet and would be receiving a medal IF I finish the race.

I was back to training and around that time, I stopped playing tennis for the meantime and concentrated on my marathon training in between attending press cons and conducting interviews for our articles.