A Scare before D-Day

Nine days before marathon day, I was having a very nice day, relaxing morning with family, sumptuous lunch and then active afternoon with friends. Little did I know that the day would be punctuated with a weird accident that I thought would endanger my first shot at marathon glory! The back of my friend’s car suddenly ran in reverse with great speed and then hit the wall. Thanks to seat belt, I didn’t have any immediate pain whatsoever after that and later thanked my friend for having the presence of mind to stop the car at a nearby parking area after the car moved forward again. I decided not to train the following day but on Sunday, I had a nice time running with my sisters and nephew in tow. I thought I was okay but on Monday, I started feeling some stiffness in my neck. My friend suggested that I go see a doctor with him just to be on the safe side and to rule out whiplash.

Although I agreed to go for a check up with my friend, I initially thought of not showing up for fear that the doctor would tell me to skip the marathon the coming Sunday. Only after much thought that there would always be marathons to run but I would only have one body to take care of did I finally decide to well, okay, see what would happen.

After an x-ray and a check up, the doctor said I was fine and only had tightness of muscles but I was still so scared to find out that I would be told not to run for a few days. With much hesitation, I asked THE qustion whether I could still run or not. When the doctor said, “of course you can,” I probably heaved the biggest sigh of relief I ever had in my life. I listened to the doctor’s advice of applying hot compress around my neck area for three to four days while winding up my training. Up until that point, the longest distance I had ever run was 26 kilometers, a far cry from the 42.195 km I would have to overcome as pointed out by one of my students, should I really hope of achieving my marathon dream.