Running at 6:00 pace, I zeroed in on a mid-distance run after the now controversial Botak marathon last May 10th.  At the beginning of my first run since that road race, I was still thinking that I could have done better, would have finished sooner, and should have prepared earlier.

I strongly felt that I could definitely improve a lot!  But then thirty minutes into my run, I started feeling better, not only in my legs but also in my head.  Most of the anxieties, regrets and other not-so-positive things about my last race seemed to have disappeared and I really just started feeling better.

I began thinking about this run, the “right now” and how much I am enjoying it.  I thought I should be more thankful that I finished the marathon without an injury and still be able to enjoy the sport that I have fallen madly in love with.

After the run, I felt that I had a clearer mind, ready for work, ready to go back to training and ready to conquer greater heights, so to speak.

Boy, do I love running!