Thanks to Bald Runner Sir Jovie, I am now starting to write a log of my past runs.

After reading his 1,000-km Club, I have been encouraged to gather notes and web pages for the runs I have joined and my first recordings of the half-marathon training I got from a magazine before the end of 2007.

Get set

Reading my notes on that magazine page really brings back a lot of memories.  I can still remember how hard that first 6.5 km was for me at that time.  I had been running before that but because I was able to follow a training plan only since then, I decided to take it from there.  It was a 12 week half-marathon plan and on my long run every Sunday, I would start joining 5K and 10K races starting with the one in Subic.  Ah, that first 10K run!

I will then check out web sites with the race schedules and results to track my mileage and time if results are available to complement my notes. 

It would be nice to receive a “1,000-km Club” T-shirt but even if I don’t get the T-shirt reward, I will be happy just to look back at my humble beginnings, then put things in perspective and go on with my running plan for this year.