When I decided to train for the full marathon early this year, I wasn’t sure if there would be a full marathon event by the time I would have completed my training.  One friend called me nuts to do it since it was to him like reviewing for an exam only there was really no test to study for.

It was January and part of my to-do list for the year (I don’t remember the others… :-)) is to complete a full marathon.  Late last year, I even asked my friends to join me and join the 2009 Honolulu Marathon in December.  I thought if I had Honolulu in mind, I would be really motivated to train for the 42.195 km race.  Little did I know that only six months after making the list, I would have been able to accomplish that goal.  And more. 

So far, I have finished two full marathons and maybe I’ll do one or two more before the year ends.  I may not be able to take time off and go all the way to Hawaii this year but it will be one of my future marathon destinations.  Two years ago, good friend Reina was telling me about her Japanese friend who would go to different places to travel and join a marathon race.  It sounded very exciting at that time but I didn’t have any idea that I would be that excited, so much so that I’m contemplating on doing the same!

Condura 21k March 22

Condura 21k March 22

But that’s for the future (the near future I hope).  Back to January of this year and the start of my training.  The only full marathon (re)scheduled at that time was the Philippine Marathon in March, which unfortunately in the end had to be put off.  So I continued to join 10, 15 and 21k races before my first 42k.

L-R, Happy Run 15k Jan. 25, Airspeed 10k April 5, Greenfield City April 19 (Photos from photovendo.ph)

L-R, Happy Run 15k Jan. 25, Airspeed 10k April 5, Greenfield City 21k April 19 (Photos from photovendo.ph)

Using the Smart Coach of Runner’s World, I tried to wake up earlier at 5 am (sometimes 4:30) to be able to do the strength and speed trainings, tempo runs and the long runs before going to work day in, day out. 

Then came the May 10 Botak marathon which has been both controversial and memorable, depending on whom you talk to.  Well, it was both for me.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  But for me, it’s just the beginning.  Next stop was the Milo Manila eliminations on July 5.

Having finished both gave me more than what I bargained for really.  Now I have the following races to think about.  I’m sure I will be joining the full on the first one but still have to think if I’ll run half or the other events at the succeeding ones:

Now why did they all have to bunch up in the last quarter of the year? Drum and Run blogger Caloy says that’s what competition is all about.  Probably.  Whatever the reason, it sure gives me a headache trying not to miss any of these high caliber races despite my heavy work load.  Then there’s also the Singapore Marathon on December 6.  Argh!!!

If only I could join all of them…