1.  Is it the TRUTH?

I signed up the Friday before the race and even had to go to Secondwind after being told by the people at ROX that 21k registration had been closed. 

The Instructions part of the Rules and Regulations that was part of the race kit says that “race starts at exactly 5.00AM for the 21k…”  I was at the venue early for the 4:30 assembly time.  So when 5:00 o’clock struck and there was no sign that the race would start, I was waiting for the emcee to say something about the delay.  If he had said that the race would be delayed by 30 minutes, then people who wanted to go to the rest rooms would have known if they had enough time or not.  Fortunately, I saw the Running Ninja and learned that he heard it would start at 5:30.

I also carefully looked at the race route upon receiving the kit and studied the map.  I took a good look at it enough to be able to know my way come race day but to my surpise, I was directed by the race marshals to make a right to Venetia from Upper McKinley for the Finish Line.

What happened to number 18 of the route:  “go straight to the U-turn  at British Embassy” before turning left to Venetia then Finish???

It was my first race since the Globe run.  And although I have been consistent with my training for Milo in October, I really missed joining races!  So it was a little disappointing to join a 21k race that was not.  Entering McKinley I even took a bottle of the energy drink to hydrate myself for the last stage only to find out there was no more last stage.  I don’t have the gadget to measure the kilometers but I somehow knew the distance was short and when I heard from the Bald Runner that it was 3 km short, my gutfeeling was confirmed.

21k2.  Is it FAIR to all concerned?

I saw U-turn markers and arrow signs but I was also looking for kilometer markers.  Like I said, I somehow had an idea how long I had been running in the race especially that day but I can’t help but feel for the runners, especially first time 21 k runners, who may have been clueless without kilometer markers.   I personally did not see a single kilometer marker.

However, I think the organizers did an amazing job with the water aid station, well at least from the point of view of a 21k participant.  There were no foams but there were plastics with cold water at the Heritage Park so in addition to the cups of water and the bottles of energy drink, I’m sure 21k runners’ needs were met as far as hydration is concerned.

I also think the registration, race singlet and the 21k finisher’s medal were the best value 200 pesos can ever buy!


Group photo

Group photo

Aside from meeting the Running Ninja, I also saw and talked to the Running Diva.  We were both happy to be running that morning although quite anxious at the prospect of having to write a report later in the day.  I also saw Drum and Run blogger Caloy but I wasn’t able to introduce myself as he was talking to some other runners minutes before the starting gun was fired.  And after seeing the Bald Runner in quite a number of races now, I finally got the chance to talk to the hands-down most  recognizable face in the running world!  It was nice to have short but nice, relaxing and informative talks with other runners before, during and after the race so it was a very nice day for me!  Too bad I didn’t bring my camera…  

But thanks to Kitty for the photo session after the race and for the nice company later during breakfast and the nice chat at the supermarket after that.  Can’t wait to hang out with her and her friends again!

My second favorite part of the day (running is number one, of course!)

My second most favorite part of the day (running is number one, of course!)

4.  Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

ROTARun.09 was the first running event from the Rotary International District 3810.  It was a benefit run aimed to gather funds to aid in the RI District 3810’s projects for this year and the years to come.

We all know the benefits of this sport we all love so to be able to continue to be fit, meet new friends, and help a cause along the way is a very rare opportunity I would always be glad to be a part of.

To RI District 3810, Takbo.ph main man Jinoe and to the rest of the team, congratulations for a job well done!  They say life is a learning experience and that experience is the best teacher. So I am sure more and more people and runners will support your future projects!

And congratulations, too, for passing the four-way test!  🙂

(Click here for the ROTARun results as published by Takbo.ph)