I’m sure many runners were bummed to hear that the New Balance Power Run Raising Hope had been postponed.  I’m also sure that even more runners were horrified upon seeing the images from the past weekend.

The wrath of Ondoy has left all of us either dumbfounded or devastated.  Or both.  I feel fortunate that my family and house have been spared this time but can’t help feel for my friends and other Filipinos who weren’t as fortunate.

Let us all do our share to make their lives a little bit better.

Here are some ways and contact numbers where we can extend a helping hand:

  • From The Bull Runner‘s site:  If you live in QC area, Second Wind is now accepting donations and will be sending these all to Ateneo.  You may drop them off at:      88 Maginhawa St.
                                             Teachers Village, QC
                                             Tel. No. 799.2089
  • From Bugobugo85:     TKO:  Takbo Kontra Ondoy
  • Click here for verified relief centers for Ondoy victims from GMAnews.tv.
  • ABS-CBN‘s Tropical Storm Ondoy:  How you can help.  Click here.