I’ve been quite busy with work the past few days so I was totally unmindful of the reactions, violent or otherwise, to the conduct of the Del Monte Fit ‘n Right Fun Run at MOA last Sunday. In fact, were it not for a text message from Marianne asking me if I enjoyed the run, I wouldn’t have taken note of the mostly negative comments from runners especially on their Facebook page. I also heard apologies had been made. Here’s my two cents’ worth.

What time will the race start?

Days before the fun run, I was looking for info on the start time because I could only recall that they put “Call time 4:00 am” and I forgot about the 6 am start time. I decided to go there around 5 to be safe and I was surprised to see men still busy putting up the Start/Finish arch. Jinoe said when they prepared for the RotaRun, as early as 11 or 12 pm the night before, they were already busy. A sign that start will be late, I told myself.

While I gave the announcer plus points for repeatedly giving instructions on how to put the bib with RFID properly (cheaper than the ChampionChip, but overall better? well, only time will tell…), I was waiting for them to announce the starting times for the different categories, which only came at around 6 am!

Stretch and Start

I squeezed my way to the area of the now completed arch and waited for the guy who led the stretching whose super positive and cheerful rapping and stretching (I couldn’t see what they were doing from where I was standing) did not stop the runners from cheering (and jeering) for the stretching to end and for the race to finally start.

After the start gun had been fired, eager runners went off.

Feeling lethargic

Maybe it’s because of the too many races I’ve been joining, or maybe the warm-up I was doing minutes before the supposedly start time of 6 was put to waste after standing too long while waiting for the official start, the first lap (5k runners will finish after 1 lap so 10k runners needed to do one more) was a difficult run for me as I was feeling a little lethargic. I kind of guessed there would be issues with hydration so I held on to my sports drink (One runner-blogger confessed he had to squeezed liquid from his singlet and sip it for hydration… :-))

Nearing the famous globe in front of the mall, our group found it very challenging and dangerous to zigzag our way and avoid traffic as marshals did a very poor job in controlling traffic. So I was happy to finish the first lap in 23+ minutes.

Celebrity cheerleaders

I think I kind of woke up going into the second leg after seeing the Bald Runner cheering for runners at the Finish area–this time I was more into the run and enjoying the experience. Fortunately, the marshalls guiding the cars did a much better job the second time around. But, alas, there were no more cups at the aid station.

Seeing familiar faces like Jason, Ronald and the Bull Runner during the race somehow provided an added boost to my tired legs. And as I made my last turn near the Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus, I sped up for the first time in the race. And who’s at the finish line? The Bald Runner and Natz taking photos!

With THE coach Jim Saret after the race

It was also interesting to meet and talk to Jaymie The Bull Runner for the first time (too bad I didn’t have my camera yet at that time, no thanks to the adventures Natz and I had claiming our bags) and Coach Jim Saret, and later to Takbo.ph main man Jinoe, to exchange some views regarding the race. That no matter how an organizer plans to just have a “fun run,” they must not leave any stone unturned because there will always be “serious” runners joining each and every race.

Thanks, better luck next time

I wasn’t able to press the stop button of my watch when I finished so I couldn’t give an answer when asked about my time by some runners. I didn’t see the time at the Finish line either. The time posted on the official results is 46:43.

Congratulations to mi tocayo Jet for shaving 3 minutes off his previous PR!

Takbo hanggang may lupa! With Dhenz also with a new 5k PR!

Like how I feel afterevery run, I felt a lot more upbeat and positive and ready to meet my students for a group study for an upcoming exam.

What do I think about the race? I hope the organizers do better next time but still thank them for supporting an event that promotes health and fitness.

Good luck and see you next year guys!