It has been exactly one year since I ran my first full marathon and started this blog.  I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I look back at what happened in between, after 30 plus races and 3,000 plus kilometers.

Meeting the other runners

The most important thing this blog has ever given me has to be the opportunity to meet the other people who share the same interest/passion.  As my blogroll and the number of runners I have been fortunate enough to know grow day by day, I become more inspired and encouraged to train and race more.

Skipping races

When I had to drop out of the Cebu marathon and first thought of skipping Condura and the BDM ultra, it was very hard to accept at the beginning but knowing what I know now and undergoing everything I have been through, while it may seem trivial to some, in the end I realized that every little event seemed like little pieces of a puzzle that I had to figure out and solve by myself in order to be a better person and runner.  I now cherish this bit of experience as I feel this eventually has made me stronger and wiser.

Too much traffic

At the starting line of the 1st PAU 50k run

After coming back to racing at Globe and RUNew, I set out a goal to slowly but surely build my mileage and join more runs, while being conscious of not pushing it too hard.  My comeback of sorts may have been derailed by the traffic jam one afternoon in Sta. Rosa, but I knew it’s just a matter of time until I am back in the groove again.

Dreaming of an Ultra

Having missed the BDM 102km ultramarathon in March, I was still in search for my first ultramarathon.  Thinking that 50 kilometers is not that mathematically different from a 42 kilometer race, I signed up for the 1st PAU 50k run.  Little did I know then that the race would take me to the paved roads of Sierra Madre.  Which means a roller coaster ride, both literally and figuratively.

A friend in need

Big thanks to Tigerboy Junrox and his brother who gave the much needed support before, during and after the race, the guys from and all the other support crews who offered food, hydration, ice and words of encouragement, and of course the other runners whom I met along the way and who were always ready with a smile.  I could not have done it without you guys.

In the end, it became clearer to me that no matter how lonely you may feel in your battles sometimes, friends will usually show up around the bend.  Or they could be there all along.  You just have to look harder.

Sometimes you just have to pray harder.

And above all, enjoy the journey to more milestones ahead.

Running the Sierra Madre (thanks Junrox for the photos)