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Taking a cue from good friend and Team PowerPuff Boys teammate Ronnel Go, I will be running the 2012 BDM 160 km ultramarathon race on January 28 & 29, 2012 from Mariveles, Bataan to Capaz, Tarlac as a charity fundraiser that will benefit the Sendong survivors of Mindanao. Finishing the country’s longest solo race is a very daunting task but with the added incentive of helping our calamity stricken brothers and sisters down South, I will be more than motivated to go as far as I can and hopefully cross the finish line.

For those who’d like to help, please like this post and I will get in touch with you. Or better yet, type in a comment indicating your pledge/donation in the form of #peso/s per km of the distance I will be able to finish. For example, if you pledge 2 pesos per km, that will be a 320 (=2 x 160)peso donation if I finish the race or 200 (=2 x 100) if I can go as far as the 100 km marker. 1 peso / km or any fixed amount you can donate is of course welcome and will go a long way.

Thank you!

(With special thanks to Maj. Gen Jovie Narcise for allowing us to use this historic race to raise funds for charity)

Last year, I completed two ultramarathon distances and two full marathons en route to an unbelievable and miraculous Bataan Death March 102k Ultra finish during the first quarter.  Second quarter gave me the opportunity to meet the other 14 finalists who were all amazing and inspiring people then later on humbly received the Fitness First Sports Category New You Achievement Award.

In the months of July, August and September, I joined three Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) races (60, 65 and 50 km, respectively, from northern to southern Luzon) and was lucky to finish in the top 5 in all three runs!

Western Pangasinan 65k Top 3 (Thanks Junrox for the photo!)

Also unforgettable was when I qualified for the Milo National Finals for the second time.

The last quarter proved to be memorable as well when I became part of Team Powerpuff Boys’ strong showing in the Octoberun team championships with a new 21k PR which was more than two minutes faster than the one I set two years before.  

Traversing the Transcentral highway for the 65k Ultra and running to the clouds of Baguio in the 50k race both of Front Runner were experiences I will never forget.  As if I wasn’t blessed enough, I was able to improve my erstwhile 42k best by 13 minutes in the Milo Nationals!

While grateful for all these, I can’t help but be excited for the new year.  2011 may be a tough act to follow but, who knows, lightning just might strike twice!  🙂

Happy new year!

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