Taking a cue from the Bald Runner on his 1,000 km Club page, I have created a third table, for the log of my journey to 3,000 kilometers with each row representing one week of training:

Km 2,001 to 3,000:

DATE/DISTANCE Total so far
Aug28/15k 2015k
Sep04/5k Sep06/15k 2035k
Sep08/9.6k Sep10/10k Sep11/15k Sep13/16.4k 2086k
Sep15/12.6k Sep17/8k Sep18/14.4k Sep 20/21k 2141k
Sep23/12k Sep25/16k Sep27/30k 2199k
Sep29/12K Oct01/12k Oct02/15k Oct04/16.2k 2254.2k
Oct06/12k Oct08/8k Oct09/5k Oct11/42k 2321.2k
Oct13/10k Oct16/12k Oct18/18.5k 2361.7k
Oct20/12k Oct23/10k Oct25/21k 2404.7k
Oct27/10k Oct29/12k Oct30/10k Nov01/16k 2452.7k
Nov03/10k Nov05/8k Nov06/5k Nov08/42k 2517.7k
Nov10/10k Nov13/12k Nov15/21k 2560.7k
Nov17/8k Nov20/10k Nov22/15k 2593.7k
Nov24/10k Nov27/15 Nov29/21k 2639.7k
Dec02/10k Dec04/10k 2659.7k
Dec08/10k Dec11/15k Dec13/21k 2705.7k
Dec18/12k Dec 20/22.2k 2739.9k
Dec22/15k Dec 23/8k Dec 24/15k Dec26/35k Dec27/30k 2842.9k
Dec30/30k Dec 31/8k Jan02/35k Jan03/30k 2945.9k

Km 1,001 to 2,000:

DATE/DISTANCE Total so far
Jan15/8k Jan18/10k 1018k
Jan22/8k Jan25/11k 1037k
Jan29/8k Feb01/13k 1058k
Feb05/8k Feb08/10k 1076k
Feb12/10k Feb15/15k 1101k
Feb19/11k Feb22/16k 1128k
Feb26/10k Mar01/18k 1156k
Mar05/10k Mar08/11k 1177k
Mar12/11k Mar15/19k 1207k
Mar19/13k Mar22/21k 1241k
Mar26/11k Mar29/23k 1275k
Apr02/11k Apr05/13k 1299k
Apr09/8k Apr12/24k 1331k
Apr16/13k Apr19/19k 1363k
Apr23/8k Apr26/13k 1384k
Apr30/8k May03/26k 1418k
May07/10k May10/42k 1470k
May14/10k May17/10k 1490k
May24/10k 1500k
May27/5.4k May31/12.8k 1518.2k
Jun03/8k Jun05/10k Jun07/15k 1551.2k
Jun09/6k Jun12/12.4k Jun14/20k 1589.6k
Jun17/12k Jun19/12.8k Jun21/21.2k 1635.6k
Jun23/12.8k Jun25/11.2k Jun26/16.4k Jun28/14.6 1690.6k
Jul02/13.2k Jul03/5k Jul05/42k 1750.8k
Jul07/4.8k Jul10/8.2k Jul12/10k 1773.8k
Jul15/8k Jul17/15k Jul19/21k 1817.8k
Jul21/8k Jul24/10k Jul26/8k 1843.8k
Jul29/9.6k Jul31/12k Aug02/15k 1880.4k
Aug06/9.6k Aug07/10k Aug09/9.2k 1909.2k
Aug12/9.6k Aug14/15k 1933.8k
Aug17/10k Aug18/8k Aug21/15k Aug23/20.2k 1987k
Aug25/8k Aug26/5k 2,000k



DATE/DISTANCE Total so far
Dec312007/6.5k, Jan042008/6.5k 13k
Jan06/8k Jan11/6.5k 27.5k
Jan13/10k Jan18/6.5k 44k
Jan20/10k Jan25/6.5k 60.5k
Jan27/11k Feb01/8k 79.5k
Feb03/13k Feb08/8k 100.5
Feb10/14.5k Feb15/8k 123k
Feb17/10k Feb22/8k 141k
Feb24/14k Feb29/10k 165k
Mar02/10k Mar07/10k 185k
Mar09/18k Mar14/10k 213k
Mar16/19k 232k
Mar23/15k Mar28/10k 257k
Mar30/10k Apr04/10k 277k
Apr06/10k Apr11/10k 297k
Apr13/10k Apr18/10k 317k
Apr20/10k Apr25/10k 337k
Apr27/10k May02/10k 357k
May04/10k May09/10k 357k
May11/10k May16/10k 377k
May18/10k May23/10k 397k
May25/10k May30/10k 417k
Jun01/10k Jun06/10k 437k
Jun08/10k Jun13/10k 457k
Jun15/5k May20/10k 472k
Jun22/10k Jun27/10k 492k
Jun29/10k 502k
Jul06/10k Jul11/10k 512k
Jul13/10k Jul18/10k 532k
Jul 20/10k Jul25/10k 552k
Jul27/5k Aug01/10k 567k
Aug03/10k Aug08/10k 587k
Aug10/10k Aug15/10k 607k
Aug17/10k 617k
Aug24/10k Aug29/10k 637k
Aug31/10k Sep05/10k 657k
Sep07/13k Sep12/8k 678k
Sep14/14k Sep19/8k 700k
Sep21/11k Sep26/8k 719k
Sep28/14k Oct03/10k 743k
Oct05/16k Oct11/21k 780k
Oct12/10k Oct17/10k 800k
Oct19/10k Oct24/10k 820k
Oct26/10k Oct31/5k 835k
Nov02/10k Nov07/10k 855k
Nov09/15k Nov14/10k 880k
Nov22/5k 885k
Nov23/5k Nov28/10k 900k
Nov30/10k Dec05/10k 920k
Dec07/10k Dec12/10k 940k
Dec14/10k Dec19/10k 960k
Dec21/10k 970k
Dec28/10k Jan02/10k 990k
Jan042009/10k 1,000k