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Catching my breath, minutes after crossing the finish line.

Catching my breath, minutes after crossing the finish line.

“You’ve made it!”  were among the words I heard when I had a brief conversation on the phone with RACE main man Rudy Biscocho.   I was asking about the official results of the Milo Manila eliminations held on July 5.  Mr. Biscocho as always was accommodating and kind.  When I missed the deadline last year, he allowed me to go to his house (I think) in North Greenhills and sign up for me and my friends.   He would always reply to my inquiries via text messages promptly, too.

So I was more than happy that he himself picked up the phone when I called his Greenhills office yesterday.  He mentioned the carbo-loading dinner to be held at the North Greenhills club house on the Thursday before the National Finals on October 11.
He even asked me if I enjoyed the race, to which I replied of course I did!  When I told him it was my first Milo marathon, he said now I have to be ready for the second one this year as I have qualified (barely…he he…) for the finals.  He slowly dictated my rank, official time, and pace.  I thanked him again before putting the phone down:
128     88    Alfred Delos Reyes     36    M     3:52:33     5:33
Here are the complete results from the Milo website:
33rd National Milo Marathon Metro Manila Elimination Run:
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