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I always mention in my posts that running itself is a reward but to be able to be part of a worthy cause is an icing on the cake.  This was the case last Sunday, when I, along with the other six thousand or so runners, joined Globe and Ayala Land in helping fund Habitat For Humanity’s on-going construction of houses in a housing relocation site in Brgy. Dayap Calauan, Laguna.


According to the instruction included in the race packet, this is how you do it. I think... Also serves as a nice race souvenir.

Running with technology

This race also claims to be the first in the country to use an individual electronic timing chip to accurately time the race, although some people didn’t know that starting late wouldn’t make a difference in their official time and still some others didn’t tie their chips to their shoes!  (For more on chip timing, click here)


The family that runs together...

Based on the time at the finish line, my two sisters, friends and I all registered our best times in our respective races.  That’s why we’re all excited to see the official results and stats on July 23!

Sports drinks and crowded roads

I just wish they had anticipated the number of runners, particularly at the point when I was on my way back at the Buendia-Kalayaan flyover and saw the 10k runners filling the whole width of the road.  It was very hard to make my way through the crowd much less drink at the aid station. 

Speaking of drinking, I think I have to get used to drinking sports drinks other than Gatorade and Pocari Sweat.  Some runners (me included) just didn’t like the taste of the available drink at the aid station.  Fortunately I brought one bottle of my favorite drink with me.

Designated running lanes next time?

I also had to exert extra effort when I made my way up Lawton Avenue as runners who were walking also occupied the whole street.  Of course I have nothing against “runners who walk,” (I always tell my friends who just got into the sport to always “listen to their body”).  I think it should be the responsibility of the organizers to anticipate the number of runners and plan the race wisely (say, assign lanes for different race categories) for a hassle-free run for everyone.  Or we can always zigzag our way through the crowd or run against fast moving cars and jeepneys.

Running with a pacer

Another plus for this race is the presence of race pacers.  It was a goal I set for myself at the beginning of the race that I will run with the 5 min/km pacer somewhere during the race so I was more than happy to see her (yes a very strong and accomplished female pacer!) at the 16 km marker.  At this point I was just thinking of maintaining my pace to finish within my target 1 hour and 45 minutes but towards the homestretch, the thought of speeding up to the finish line was just too tempting to resist!

Bargain sports apparel are starting to be a fixture as an after-race attraction

Sports apparel bargains are starting to be a fixture as an after-race attraction

Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience considering I was not sure at first if I wanted to join this race two weeks after the Milo eliminations.  I’m glad I made the right choice!  🙂  Thanks and congratulations to Globe, Ayala Land and Finish Line!

Our usual reward after the race!

Our usual reward after the race!

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